Coke V Coke zero

coke is full of calories and sugar

coke zero same great taste no sugar or calories

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Psh, next.

Diet Dr Pepper all day.

Cherry Pepsi and I’m not even sorry :pouting_cat:

But that aspertame bluey! Not good for you.

Coffee and water. Sometimes an energy drink, when I feel a little wild…

Never drank soda in my life

Are you serious? If so, I’m stunned. :smiley:

Maybe like 1 1/2 cups I lied

But seriously though I wouldn’t be able to tell ya the answer cuz I haven’t had soda in decades

Wow, that is unique, cool, and impressive all at once. Good for you! Soda is really a total non-essential. I drink too much of it, personally. It’s become my vice since I quit smoking 2 years ago. I don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, don’t have promiscuous sex, don’t gamble, so I guess soft drinks are my weakness. :blush:

I chew ice cubes. :grimacing:

Love Coke Zero…but often get ASDA own brand zero cola - not as nice as real Coke Zero but is the best own brand out there

Dasani sparkling water. It’s a Coca Cola product. It counts.

I just had a Coke Zero. Earlier today, I had a diet coke.

Coke Zero Tastes like Diet.

But same great taste.

I rarely have coke but do order 3X2L bottles of pop/soda a week , It’s often(though not always) from the Tesco zero(low cal) range. This week I’ve got fizzy orange.Last week it was fizzy mango.

I drink only tonic with gin or vodka. Sometimes i have ice tea with food. I dont like sugar. Black coffee and a lot of water

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