Cognitive decline

i have social interaction with my parents, siblings (a bit), mobile team guy (once a month) and pdoc and gp doc and one friend in scotland.

It often reflects in my speech. Im just not as sharp as Id like to be. And, often less than whats normal. It makes up for most of my affective disorder. I do have a part that is bright though. Try to remember psychiatrists wont help you with any of this, psychologist maybe.

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120mg of latuda was giving me a bit of a lisp and made me sound not very smart. I think it is improving already since I started decreasing it.

Are these friends from before SZ or friends you made after the diagnosis? I’m still in the early stages of my illness (a few months out from my first and only psychotic episode) but I can already start to feel some awkwardness with some of my pre SZ friends/acquaintances, since they are moving full speed ahead with their lives and I’m kind of stuck at the moment.


Both but I left many presz friends.

Do you feel any awkwardness with your “normal” pre SZ friends? What do you talk about with them?

No when I was on Abilify and hanging out with them, we talked about everything and played basketball etc

Now I dont go outside much bcz of negative symptoms and bcz I dont like driving long distances.

similar here joker. too dark to talk about


It does appear to define it, although there is no further decline after you develop the illness. Recent studies indicate there might be no cognitively intact patients with sz when we’re compared to IQ-matched controls. The cognitive deficits appear more defining of the diagnosis than the psychotic symptoms. This was also how the illness was understood when it was first described and studied over a hundred years ago, but there was a shift toward perceiving positive symptoms as the core diagnostic feature. This is now slowly changing again.

The good news is that cognitive deficits are not entirely set in stone.

thanks treebeard for your reply. my cognition has gone back up but i don’t know if it is as good as pre sz.

you sound awfully intelligent to me from your reply. kudos to you.

judy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :sweat_smile: :crazy_face: :grinning:

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