Cognitive decline ... OR NOT?

Previously my mind was going at 100 miles per hour. I’d have 5 opinions on everything on TV. Even when I looked at something I’d have thoughts about other stuff related to it automatically.

Now that’s all gone and I’m wondering if this is in fact more normal. I.e. has something fixed itself. I initially thought this might be a cognitive decline and was very worried.

But I don’t feel like my mind is being run ragged anymore.

I actually feel happier.


Suppressing opinions is necessary these days.


Maybe you’re healing up. The 100 thoughts thing sounds more like mania. Normal frame of mind is pretty slow, but you’re not scattered. You’re still smart, just more directed.


Poverty of thought is a negative symptom.
But racing thoughts are a positive symptom.
Gotta strike a balance.

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I agree. My racing thoughts and paranoia aren’t so big anymore. I feel a bit dumber but really a lot happier. I don’t think it’s a bad thing and I often wonder if this is what most normal people think like…?


Glad about this.

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Sounds like before, you were manic.

Its cognitive decline. In normal person many thoughts, facts run in background even when doing some thing, talking etc this is how they able to get things done even if distractions arrive.


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