Coffee vs Tea vs Soft Drinks: What Caffeine Drinks Do Countries Prefer?

U better check out on the insecticides thing again, it’s apparently true, it’s said that the drinks don’t get the fizz without it

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Coffee tastes great, soft drinks are OK, tea sucks.

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I love tea, but mostly drink caffeine free herbal amd fruit teas.

I ADORE coffee but I am not supposed to have it anymore. It breaks my heart and I sometimes cave and have just a little bit. And regret it.

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There should also be a category for bubble tea. It’s tea but with the sugar levels of a soft drink. I’m addicted to it/ so much so that I’m willing to pay 16 dollars to have it delivered through Uber eats. Yum


actually tea has more caffeine than coffee.
it’s why I drink decaf, cuz I like it before bed a lot of times.

I would imagine Americans prefer coffee over pop,
but it depends upon your age.

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When u say sugar levels of soft drinks does it mean more sugar or less sugar

It means as much sugar as there is in a soft drink. It’s very sweet tea


Tea has more caffeine than coffee is news to me

I highly doubt it

Ok that’s what I wanted to know so it’s more sweeter than usual tea

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I have had it once in the Asian town in dtown, my physics teacher invited all our group to go there have bubble tea. Yea it has lots of sugar. Also you can make your own bubble tea at home by buying the bubbles etc

It absolutely doesn’t.

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Ya even I thought that

alright. well I read it somewhere.

you can always Google it.

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Hahaha yeah I do sometimes try making it at home to save some money but I live really near some good bubble tea shops and I can’t get the homemade one to taste as good. It’s addictive stuff if you have it too often.

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I drink like 6 or more of those tiny cups of coffee a day. Soft drinks like Red Bull have too little caffeine for me. Tea has too little caffeine and tastes bad.

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I also read that black tea has more caffeine than coffee it’s just that when you make it it doesn’t come out of the plant that way. I’ll see if I can find something about it on google @Daze


I prefer green tea, since I worry about heavy metals

collecting in the lymph nodes, it’s a good detox.

We still drink tap water when making coffee.

I think I read gram for gram, tea has a bit more caffeine but once you make it coffee has more. Maybe bcz you use more coffee to make a cup than to make tea. But I think instant coffee has the highest concentration of caffeine. 70-90mg/5g.