Coffee is a social drink

Well, at least that’s what I think! It doesn’t seem to be the same drinking coffee alone. I prefer to seek my husband’s company when I make a cuppa. What do you others think? Is coffee nicer when had with others? Or does it feel the same having it when you are alone? :blush:

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I’m sort of the opposite… I love my coffee alone in the morning with the sun rise and the birds… the tide… and sea life…

I can drink it slowly and contemplate.

Coffee with others… when they get chatty or hyper… the noise and hustle of coffee houses… not my style.

i drink 3to4 cups most mornings

I also enjoy my coffee alone, athough sometimes I meet friends just for coffee and conversation.

in Beirut and arabic countries, it’s part of the social norm to serve coffee when guest come. I used to make arabic/turkish coffee every time my friends came. Now in Canada, I still serve like a latte or american coffee but also alcohol and cocktails. I drink 2-3 cups in the mornings. what kind of coffee do you make for your husband? do you speak arabic?

My husband drinks hot chocolate and I have coffee - an average instant coffee called Ricoffy. I wouldn’t mind getting a coffee machine and making filter coffee though, because I love strong coffee. Ricoffy is weak so I use two heaped teaspoons. I buy Ricoffy because its not so expensive, and I want to be economical. It doesn’t taste too bad either.

I don’t know enough Arabic to speak it, but I can read Arabic Quran and know certain short chapters of the Quran and Arabic prayers off by heart. I am a South African of European heritage, but I like to explore Arabic culture because Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was an Arab. If its Arabic culture to serve coffee to guests then I love it! I wouldn’t mind trying Arabic coffee!

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yeah, it’s rare to drink american coffee in the middle east. you should give this a try.

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