Cod warzone modern warfare

Hey yes I was browsing the forum, I have the game running.

@cigarino @agent101g @Content_Lion @lofifunk

Anyone wants to play Cold War? We can play the beta until 20 Oct.

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I played the ships map, you can drive boats its fun.

i just played a match then right when i start the next it says cod servers are down

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Oh really, it doesn’t work now? Can we play?

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oh wait now i see it was just my wifi that went out, its been cutting on and off like multiple times a day

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Yea my wifi drops packets sometimes and my game lagg/teleport sometimes. Wifi sucks for gaming, I wish I had my own house, I would have put my PC next to my router using an ethernet cable.

Do you still want to play?

yeah im getting on now just waiting for a snack to finish heating in microwave. i will eat during killcams and in between matches (like when waiting in lobby) lol

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There are these things called powerline adapters that let you wirelessly run ethernet, I have one to my pc, you can find em cheap on eBay and Amazon, I have a tp link set, with wifi on gaming I was always getting a dropped signal. Also how was the session boyos? I haven’t played today, maybe latah, I really like the miami map.

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I like that as well as the ships map. I finished first today in the ships map.

How did you get the ships map? I’ve seen it on youtube but haven’t tried it yet.

You choose moshpit.

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Its next to VIP escort.

Reviews say they’re slower than Wifi. I get 400-500mbps on the 2nd floor, modem is in the basement. But maybe it won’t drop packets as wifi. Maybe its also CoD servers because my Wifi never disconnects.

Oh yeah that’s fast wifi, do you have an ac or ax router? I get faster more stable with power line but I’m maxing out at 6/7mpbs, could be the servers too.

AC. I am thinking about getting AX when it becomes cheaper, should get full 1Gbps and more stable.

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Wonder if and when is the halloween download. It goes live tommorow at noon.

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Anybody want to play CoD Cold War tonight? It’s the last night of the beta. Then I’ll have to wait until November to play, but it’ll be on my Series X so it will be AWESOME!

I really like this version of CoD, especially the enemy health bars. Hit detection is good, the guns are good, I love being able to use a shotgun as a secondary, and I love all the attachments. I also love the C4 nerf.

Yea we can play, it will end tomorrow 1pm eastern time or 10am pacific time.

I’ll log on in ten minutes or so and if you’re on I’ll try and join your party if that’s cool with you.

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