Clinic on Fire

I have a therapist appointment this morning but I just found out that the mental health clinic in my town caught fire early this morning. It was a multiple alarm fire with fire departments from around the area joining to take it out. I hear the damage is mostly in the roof without much structural damage.

I wonder how long it will take for them to reopen and how this will affect services in the area?

Im sorry this happened - maybe they will temporarily relocate somewhere, and services will continue

I am really sorry that happened. I hope no one was hurt.

I’m sure they will find a way to work out of a different building. I wonder if they will have forwarding information up when this mess is under control.

Went up cause we didn’t know the extent of the fire. Five hours after firemen responded a third of the building was still smoking. A bunch of fire trucks and assorted emergency services were still there and they had the main road closed off. Their phone just rings when called.

I’ll make a few calls and see what’s up.

Significant damage to the administrative offices, where the files are kept. I wonder if my file got consumed.

The retirement home across the street is letting them use space so they say they won’t be down too long.


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Hey are you in Pittsburgh area cause the same thing happened here? OR if you’d rather not say no biggie. Anyhow, sorry this happened. Hope it doesn’t disrupt your treatment for too long or anything. desimb

I’m from Butler. :smile: