Ciggie smoking and life expectancy in schizophrenia study

Cigarette Smoking and Life Expectancy in Schizophrenia (

" Study Conclusions

The authors concluded that in patients with SMI, the gap in life expectancy between current smokers and non-smokers was 7 years in females and 5 years in males. Based on life expectancy in the United Kingdom general population in 2012,8 the life expectancy gap for females was 15.1 years for current smokers and 7.8 years for non-smokers. The life expectancy gap for males was 15.2 years for current smokers and 10.2 years for non-smokers. Thus, smoking accounts for about half of the life expectancy gap in women and one-third of the gap in men. The mortality risks associated with smoking were similar to comorbid alcohol and opioid use disorders. Study strengths included the large sample size, use of clinical registry data, and consideration of multiple potential confounding factors.

The Bottom Line

Smoking is associated with decreased life expectancy in patients with SMI. Given the high prevalence in patients with SMI, smoking makes a substantial contribution to premature mortality. Therefore, comprehensive implementation of effective smoking cessation interventions could have a substantial impact on improving life expectancy in this patient population."


Glad I quit but still disappointed that I’ll live 10 years shorter than average. I hope that it helps even further that I have a healthy weight.

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Not bothered. We’ll all die eventually.

I think it’s lucky we live so long

This attitude to prolong the inevitable for as long as you can makes me angry…

They literally pumped my grandad with antibiotics until he couldn’t actually physically eat or drink.

So in short, they let him die of either dehydration or starved to death

Why would this be regarded as the ‘moral’ thing?

This attitude that life is worth living until the second you die has indoctrinated these people who ‘have a duty of care’ - and I think it’s an outrage that people leave this world with such an ideology that leads them to pain

If I was him, my advanced decision would have been to pull the plug much sooner, and I knew him well. He’d have agreed.


my father in law said he’d walk in front of a bus “now” If he could
6 weeks or so before his painful humiliating death


Those with a death wish are entitled to their opinions…

Here it’s legal to do euthanasia. So, you have the right to pull the plug if things get too bad.

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i think it is so preferable to dying so slowly

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By no means a death wish.

Smoking is always used as a stick to beat people up and shame them about their life choices.

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Cancer and copd are extremely painful and slow ways to die.

One can of course choose not to smoke and avoid them.

Of course smoking is a death wish. A daily choice to end your life sooner. If you wanted to live then you wouldn’t smoke.

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Smoking is one of the few things that calms me and I enjoy.

I gave up countless illegal drugs, and smoking gets a free pass in my opinion

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That’s the problem with addiction. It results in poor choices.

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I am 34, and I started smoking when I was 11.

23 years is too late

You have free will to live your life the way you want. If you want to smoke then smoke.

You know and understand the risks.

It is up to you.

Maybe you will get lucky and avoid all the risks. Some people do, most don’t.

I want to live longer, so I don’t smoke. That is my preference.

I wish you luck rolling the dice.

I am sure in your willingness to promote anti-smoking propaganda that you eat 5 a day and exercise + all the other things leading to a perfect human?

Pretty much, yes.

Haha! Cool - good for you

Better watch out for buses then, maybe a train or even a car

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