Chromatherapy spa systems

hi, so i thought i pop in and just ask about something,

i have just moved in to my property and my shower packed it in yesterday so i bought a really good shower to replace it and now i’m going to get it fitted but it got me in the mood for something else so i looked it up on line and it looks absolutely amazing and i wanted to ask if anyone had one of these and what you thought,

i’m looking for a chromotherapy spa system bath for my bathroom and i want the mood lighting and everything but idk what is the best one for me, i like the air spa jacuzzi type but i also like the water jet type and they are both very relaxing, has anyone here got one of these? and what do they think would work the best,

thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Are you renting? As it may be just dead money if you can’t take it with you.when you move. Much better things to spend your money on if that’s the case.

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i am a social tenant which means i dont pay rent and council tax is really low bc of discounts but if i ever moved i would be able to take it with me, i was told to get an alteration and improvements form and i have filled it in and handed it in so it should be ok,

i was just mentioning this because i thought it would be a great idea to relax with the air spa or jet spa and mood lighting in the bath, costs a bit of money but i think its worth it, just wondered if any one else had this that all or had tried anything like this.

a bathroom with mood lighting… I just dim the lights and light a candle.

You will have one amazing bathtub…

I’d say… If you can get it… and it doesn’t cost too much for you… go for it…

My sis changed our shower head last year and it’s helped me with taking showers… if a tub like this can help you relieve stress… very bonus.

Good luck… hope it all goes smoothly

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thanks jay, my dad left me some money so i am using that, i try and keep it topped up though

i think the best one is about £950 but that is a jet spa, i could get a cheaper one for £650 but thats an air spa one although that is more like a jaccuzi as opposed to water jet.

just been to a proper spa and it was amazing :slight_smile: so it is making me want this bath even more, i hope it is just as good :slight_smile: