Christmas: Mind vs. Matter

For many people in this country there’s a conflict between the the religious tradition that is ‘the reason for the season’ (commercial jargon) and the materialistic bent Christmas has taken in the last 50 or so years. Tugs on my guilt strings -

A wise beyond her years 15 year old once wrote - Christmas is a time of giving…


I think that Christmas doesn’t have to be celebrated in a religious way, I mean it all depends.

I for one am not so crazy of the fact that Christmas has gone totally commercial - I prefer to think of Christmas as a time of getting together with family and friends, a time for celebrating peace and a time for rememberance

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On Christmases with my family I always ended up out under the winter sky looking at the bare trees + cold grey of winter + commune with them + wish good things for humankind. With my own kind I didn’t fit in.