Christmas is going to be so much fun!

I am soooo excited !! another turkey dinner, maybe ribs and steaks instead…always a big dinner…woohoo !! only be about six people of my family there…love to get to see my family.


I am looking forward to it too. We have a nice meal and spend the day together as a family.

Don’t care too much about presents - it’s all about the dinner! I might even have some wine

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That’s still risky @jukebox
No get togethers for us.

We’re a party of six as well for that day. 3 meeting 3. One is a baby so we’ve been careful in light of that. We’ve been getting together throughout this ordeal. I like Christmas time too.

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The Christmas itself is nice, the depressing part is that i can’t chip in as i wish to. I don’t have the motivation and finance, but it always turns out good afterall. Once the celebration get started…before i know it its 2021.

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