CBT Plus Cognitive Remediation May Improve Work Outcomes in Schizophrenia

The results of a randomized controlled trial published in Schizophrenia Research indicated that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) enhanced with cognitive remediation (CBT+CR) improved work functioning and neurocognition in patients with schizophrenia more effectively than CBT alone.

Researchers randomly assigned 75 participants with schizophrenia spectrum disorder to 1 of 3 conditions: vocational support (control group; n=25), work-focused CBT (n=25), or work-focused CBT enhanced with CR (n=25). Participants underwent active intervention for 26 weeks, during which they were placed in noncompetitive work positions and attended weekly individual therapy, group therapy, and/or CR training sessions according to study condition. Investigative staff assessed hours worked, work performance, and neurocognition in participants regularly during the 6-month intervention and over an additional 12-month follow-up period.

During the active phase, researchers found a significant group-time interaction effect on both hours worked and improvement in mean Work Behavior Inventory score.

Notably, CBT alone did not improve hours worked over time compared with the control group. These results suggest that CBT alone may not be sufficient to enhance work outcomes in patients with schizophrenia, despite its efficacy in treating other symptoms.

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what is CR? cognitive remediation?

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I tried CBT for 3 years and had almost no results. But it’s a very peculiar case because I didn’t have a strong bond with my psychotherapist. Maybe if one finds a very caring and kind therapist, CBT might work effectively. Cognitive remediation seems to be kind like social skills training, isn’t it?

Yes - Cognitive remediation

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