Catholoism vs. Gnostism

  Which way or path do you choose, salvation through faith and works or salvation though knowlege?

knowledge…faith doesn’t work for me…no proof in faith. xxx

Knowledge is a useful tool.

Are you talking about Gnosticism or agnosticism?

I prefer Catholicism since I am a Catholic. Having faith leads to good works.

Maybe I’m too literal, but the Gnostics were a third-fifth century movement within Rome where followers believed they had special gnosis (knowledge) and were infused by a divine “spark.” They fell apart through schisms, and are no longer a viable option.

Agnosticism, on the other hand, is a totally different animal. They believe that knowledge of God is unknowable. Agnostics don’t like to hear this, but they are implicit atheists, simply because they do NOT believe. That is atheism. To say there is no answer to the question of God is to implicitly deny God’s existence because they are NOT acknowledging his existence. Agnostics are “atheists in sheep’s clothing.”

i choose/prefer ’ sith-ism '.
take care

in before poof. I am all for open discourse but religion may get a little hairy.

I choose the path I walk and the way I do things.


I prefer to understand.

Can’t go with either.

Eternal torment doesn’t sound right.

And knowledge is nothing without love.


But here is what we have to do, step one, don’t ever get married, and step two, never eat what was meant for you to eat(i.e. mostly fruits and vegetables).

Knowledge? What good is knowledge without action? Faith? The same applies. Works are all there are.

I chose knowledge a long time ago, or should I say It chose me. I found, however, that it’s a matter of the more you know the less you know. You come to learn how little you know. Many other people are MUCH more knowledgeable than you are. And learning is endless. “Of the making of books there is no end.”