Case report: Cases of narcolepsy misdiagnosed as other psychiatric disorders

@Anna might be interested in this


My own pdoc has told me he is not sure how much of my illness is psychosis and how much is the narcolepsy. For example, I only get visual hallucinations when I am tired and off my narcolepsy meds. My narcolepsy also causes me to experience absolutely insane realistic dreams that my neurologist told me are more akin to full body hallucinations than actual dreams. Before I knew this I used to just think dreams were an actual alternate reality and I was delusional about it. I still feel that way sometimes.

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I get these basically every time i sleep. My pdoc suspects i have a sleep disorder but getting tested is a massively long wait.

I used light therapy in the morning and micro amount of melatonin before i sleep to keep my sleep schedule normal. Thats been a big help.

But i still have excessive daytime sleepiness