))$(( >/\< Cartoons e(Y)e Created >/\< ))$((

Here is a Lynk To Some Shazz e(Y)e Created On a Free Creativity Websyte … ,

Rite Here ------- > < ------- Rite Here … ,

After You Watch All Of Them As a Twinkly Fairy Swoops Around Your Brayne , Throwing Glitter and Magical Fairy Dust All Over You , Please Lemme Know If e(Y)e Should Walk To Hollywood and Fynde Tha Adult Swim Network and Hand Them Some Cartoon Scripts To be Tha Greatest Cartoon Creator Ever Within thus Galactical Mess Of " HUH? " … ,

Ok ,

So Thanks In Advance For Your Praise Of My Amazing Awesomeness (!!!)

(explicit) - (language)

**Good animation… :space_invader: **