Car broke down

Ok I was feeling a little better and tried to go to work and my car broke down.

It was stressful but I got through a tow and now probably big bill to fix.

So is this a message to stop working?
I get messages. I think maybe but then I am confused. So the confusion means don’t work you know. Right?

I don’t think it is a message from your employer.

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Yea I think it’s a message from God that it’s ok to stop. I tried very hard.

I am sorry that you’re going through this again. However, I sincerely think that it is just superstition.


oh my, that is horrible about your car. I am so sorry. are you on disability? maybe it’s time to think about it.?

I’ve been getting a small pension but not enough to raise our son.

But this month he was finally able to pay his own rent so my expenses just dropped $750 a month. I’ve tried to teach my husband a budget and warned him, work may be over.

So now it’s up to him.
I have enough for this year and hubbie just got $1000 a month social security. He’ll just have to live with that for a change instead of shaking me down for extra all the time.


I don’t think it’s a sign, these things just happen.

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It is not a sign. It’s just normal life. ■■■■ happens and all you can do is keep going.


It is a sign. That your car needs to be fixed :slight_smile: