Can't watch tv

I have a hard time concentrating on the tv. We watch a movie with our son every evening. But I can’t focus. I miss everything that happens. My brain is occupied with other thoughts. I get up and drink water, go back to watch, get up to go to the bathroom, go back, and so on. Is this a problem because of depression or sz?

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that’s the same reason I can’t do a lot of things. especially when it comes to reading books. I watch movies but pause them a lot…sometimes I never go back and finish the movie. I can’t work because of lack of concentration.

I think that’s a sz problem, Im the same myself, Im all over the place, can never concentrate.

I can’t watch T.V. because it’s always triggering. I got rid of it ages ago. Just when I start to relax with a show… Bang… something will happen that makes me upset.

I can watch TV for about 1 hour but I can’t read a book for long. Apparently reading books requires more concentration. I can only read a book for 10 minutes then pause for a while and continue to read after the pause. I pause frequently while reading a book.

I also got great difficulty to watch tv. I’ve got a soapy that I watch and then I watch the news headlines. That’s basically it. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie on the tv but then I pause it a lot. I think it is a concentration problem that comes with the sz