Can't get a hold of the dodo pdoc

So, I went up on my fanapt dosage two days ago, and suddenly I am having chest pains and dizziness?! What should I do?! I don’t feel like I need the ER. I don’t know…

I would say go to your doctor right away!

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Oh boy… Maybe I should.

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Yes, You should go to the E.R…

It’s been hours now though! Surely if it was dire something would have already happened!

Can you call him?

When you say chest pains, are they constant? or was it short lived

Who knows? Do you want to take that chance?

Chest pains are signs of the medicine screwing with the electric functioning of the heart, I think the word for it is arrhythmia, which means “incorrect rhythms”, and that is a very serious side effect, my professor said it can be fatal. Basically, it can cause a heart attack.

You will most likely have to lower the dose, and there is a chance you will be put on a different medication.

But seriously that is one of the very worst side effects and you need to seek professional help as soon as possible.

You should go to the E.R.


Well, I went to the ER. Chest xray, blood work, EKG. Heart is great! Apparently, I have an adverse reaction to the medication and it’s causing dizziness, headache, and panic attacks. I had no idea you could have a panic attack without feeling panicked! Doctor said it was common.

Problem now is that I still cannot get ahold of my doctor! My husband’s truck is in the shop, so, he has my car, doctor won’t call back (I get a receptionist)

The ER doctor said to discontinue use and contact my doctor… I am getting irritated. My first visit cost me 360 out of pocket, surely he can make a phone call…

I would leave a very detailed and assertive message with your doctors answering machine/service - tell him what the ER doctor told you to do - If he does not get in touch with you right away, leave another direct message with him - I would keep doing this till he responds - what happened to you is important


This happened to me when on a higher dose of Lamictal - fluttering heart, uneasiness, feeling dizzy but no panic - it was a quiet panic attack

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So, I managed to get ahold of a pdoc on call for my pdoc who wasn’t in. He was nice, told me to only take 1mg of fanapt if absolutely necessary until Monday. What was freaking awesome was that he called back and he says that he got a call from me… I said I hadn’t called. He says he got a call for dr. McCormick. I said, yes, but, we already talked. He says “Oh, I’m sorry, I have gotten so many calls today, I think I’M going nuts.” You could tell he didn’t mean to say it, but, it cracked me up.