Cancer grandma

I guess we will never know because of her age 96 the doc said it’s probably best we don’t put her through the tests cos of additional stress etc


Yes that would probably be a lot on someone at her age. Hope she gets to live out her days in peace, surrounded by those she loves.


It’s best this way @anon80629714

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Yes they said even if she gets tested… They won’t treat it if it turns out to be cancer

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I think so too… To much for her at this age to deal with plus as they can’t treat it if it’s what it is … Is there any need to know?

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I think spending time with her and enjoying the life she has left are the important things.


my ex has it and she is 50 :frowning: i’m just supporting her but we dont mention it, we just get on with it.

96 is a good age


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