Can your favorite music trigger a mood in you?

can your favorite music trigger a mood in you?

They fuel my moods but don’t usually trigger them.

mine can trigger bliss some days

That’s great! Music is wonderful.

Some songs make me remember previous times, if there was a mood from those times, I can get a sort of residual mood effect.

Most of the music I listen to, I listen to because it triggers memories and most of them are not positive memories so why do I listen? I don’t know. Perhaps because I feel robbed of those memories, sometimes I’m just feeling sentimental and sad.

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Can share that sentiment. Been listening to morrissey constantly for days. Makes me feel miserable - but at least I am feeling something.

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Yes, a song I really like can change the way I feel.

This quote is a favorite but unsure of the origin… Without music, life is a mistake
This is true 4 me, each of our lives is a song