Can you share with me your main 5 top tips?

Hi my dear friends.
At the moment I don´t feel very well so I would like to know if you have some or 5 top tips for coping with schizophrenia. The idea comes from other post so I thought how all my partners try to cope this illness.
Thanks for your answers.


learn to meditate and calm the mind
to accept your limitations and illness
have a support person you trust
laugh…laugh…laugh…( have a sense of humour )
remember that ordinary people struggle with sadness, depression, debt, awkwardness, anxiety…etc…we are not unique in our suffering…
this helps bring perspective.
take care.


Distraction, reality test, support, meds, and trying to ignore it. I would talk to your pdoc. Good luck.



I have found something that’s helping me in every way. I am convinced it would change my life and your life. It works miraculously well. Ok I give u a list,

  1. Orthiodosupplementation

Intake of iodine, magnesium and selenium with multivitamins and high dosage of every vitamins in its natural bio identical form

  1. Enzyme therapy

Natto, Bromelain, etc

  1. Flaxssed oil and coconut oil

  2. I’m going to add a few items like sodium bicarbonate.

  3. Hormonal support
    Natural dessicated thyroid

You will find the information by looking at David Brownstein and Mark Sircus.

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First… what helped me was meds. If you are on meds and they aren’t working, you might need to try and talk to your doc. I realize that your in Mexico City and big cities are sometimes harder to get help in because of so many people and so few doctors. But look into any services in your neighborhood.

Second… Open up and ask for help. Let your family know you need help in finding what you need, or help in getting through your day

Third… avoid or cut down the stress. Stress makes this illness flair up

Fourth… keep as healthy as possible. Good diet, enough sleep, walk around. The body and mind go together. A healthy body will help the mind

Fifth… try an find the reality of a situation. It’s hard, but try not to believe the paranoia, the voices and visual and all the rest. Not an easy thing to do, but try to find the reality.

I hope this helps.


This is different for every person,but this is what helps:


Thanks for all answers; These are very useful in this moment.
Thanks again.