Can i rhyme ? creation of words in melody


i think about my time
and i want it to rhyme
with my mind open to wisdom
i touch the glow of the moon
with the spirit eye coming from my heart
i climb the ladder in space
with a different pace
i find it exhausting
my miracle is comming to me…

yeah yeah yeah

the spirit of the moon
are you the true ballooon
coming from my room
i keep thinking about you
my spirit touches you

while the universe and freedom- the capacity
i call it ancient wisdom
from power of the horse
to rainbow star and jellyfish
they come together in pieceful puzzle
radiating true love like a super pillow
when you go to sleep brings you dreams of peace


@dreamer54 can i be rapper MC ? what do you think i start writing ,melodies for singing

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any review of my creation piece welcome

Joyful and immense lol

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i will try to sing it in daytime when i have energy will see what it comes

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It depends on your personality. And practice.

Making beats is easier imo.

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no i dont like making beats, it need alot of knowledge of physics and reading software manuals its boring as hell to me

i like more using voice

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i dont think i m going to be be pro just for fun hahahahahah

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