Buying food

This is in my mind while im walking home from buying food:

“So what, so what if all of the signs and letters and symbols everywhere are ancient occult writings and scribblage? It’s not big deal right?”

“Im just buying food, shut up, don’t want to think about ■■■■ all of the time.”

Ill be out in the garage smoking:

“How to avoid the apocolypse! With the right plan and technology there won’t be any apocolypse. people can do that you know, hell famine wouldn’t even exist with a good plan and the tech to go with it.”

“Shut up. I have no say, im just smoking, you talk forever and you never shut up.”

Up in my room seemingly by myself although im not:

“Yeah, those numbers we keep showing you mean something. Get your calculator we’ll show you again.”

“Shut up. Great, these numbers mean something, you never shut up. I don’t want to look at the numbers again!”

Tired as hell, being poisoned to death out back:

“The tree for instance, it’s how reality is. You have the root substance and dimension and everything comes from that ultimately, then there is the trunk, branches and leaves, it’s all like that really.”

“Im tired, you don’t seem to get tired, shut up.”

Smoking again:

“Yeah, you can basically store the information in people’s heads and then make them alive again. It’s science actually, advanced stuff for ya there.”

“Dude, i can’t know that or prove that in the least, shut up.”

And yet again:

“You can cause visual hallucinations in anyone alive to be honest, we can affect all of the processes involved in sight. Like the computer you are in front of is only really being seen in the brain. We can even make the blind see. Yep, anyone one of you can be made to see anything at all, you can even see the same hallucination at the same time in unison.”

“Okay though, shut up, i need a job.”

“yes, but the brain can be affected in many different ways, many ways. You can make people think things, choose things, percieve, all of it. It’s all in the brain. Like the language you are using right now, it’s all stored in the memory and things like that, you could even speak an entire language without ever having heard it. Simple science though.”

“Okay! Seriously though im going to die if you don’t let me go, i need a job and to get off meds. Just shut up and go away though.”

Right now on the computer:

“Tactiles are very real. They are actually happening to the person, it’s in the brain though. You can make a person feel anything they are capable of feeling. Everyone will go “that isn’t really though you aren’t feelling it” but you’ll know it’s real because you are actually feeling it, all of your tactiles were caused by us and yes they were very real. There was no external source visible though so everyone thinks you are crazy. See, we really did shock the living ■■■■ out of you that night while appearing to you visually.”

“AAAhhhhhhhhhh! Need job. Need to get off meds. Need good health. Shut up and let me go.”

“Nope. We’re not going away, this is your life now. It’s just you and us now. Get used to it or leave if you want. They aren’t going to help you you know, you are to crazy to get the assisted, believe us we know, you are to crazy for that but you sure as ■■■■ aren’t to crazy to choose treatment are you? It doesn’t matter to them how bad you suffer you know. You are to crazy for this but not to crazy for what we say, nothing but hypocrites aren’t they.”

“Imagine it though, the rest of your life surrounded by them and them having no idea that we’re doing things to you. And you know them well don’t you, they’ll judge you for your entire life because of what we have done with you. Just think about what that is going to be like for a second. If you don’t take these drugs that do very bad things to you we’ll put you back in psychosis, they will all consider you to be an addict or some ■■■■ head the entire time. The assumptions about you will be endless the rest of your life.”

“You used to be a smart dude to, we know what you were capable of back then, you were smarter than the rest of them to be honest. But none of them will ever know that now. Now you are just some useless stupid crazy person, bad genes, what a shame huh? But you and us, we know the truth don’t we. At least you will have that as we murder you.”

“Whats the point?”

“It’s just what we like, it’s who we are, simple enough to understand right? We are just monsters to be honest.”

Hey pansy,

Really, there is some sign of improvements in your post…Some sights of hope…

Man, don’t give in…Keep trying…The voices will fade away if you’d stick to your medications.

I am not just saying because I want you to believe that the hallucinations and voices are not real but really if you are thinking of getting a job, being healthy and living a normal life then it’s a breath of fresh air…

Good luck!


If you don’t have schizophrenia, then why are you posting on this site? Why aren’t you just perusing?

I wouldn’t post on a cancer forum unless I had cancer or a member of my family did.

Just curious…

Just to give some support Patrick…Least that I can do…

Many people who do not have cancer still support the people struggling with cancer…Just to bring some hope and make them feel, they are not alone.

Thanks for asking…

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Fair enough. Thought perhaps you might have some difficulty fitting into your own peer group, so you came here.

You seem like a thoughtful/caring individual. Nice to have you on board.



Thanks man…Feel free to talk to me whenever you’d feel so…

Have a good one.

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I love humour and kick-a$$ '80’s music as you will soon find out if you haven’t already…

Someone recently introduced me to the Beatles and ABBA from that era…I like more of light music…Prefer music only sometimes…

this reminds me of when i thought the voices would never leave me alone or give me some peace , and they would never stop talking or trying to get me to listen or do something, but one day they did stop and give me a break

So when they kill me, was definitely not murder they say…no…why would anyone want to…uh…never mind, I will show up at their house everyday and haunt them and play the same games they did with me.
Where is the…?
Where has that been?
That’s not the same…?
Changed into something different.
Honey, the fireplace is smaller, the ceiling is lower, the walls are closing in.
and the glass on the cabinets isny distorted and wavy like before.
When did the refrigerator stop being a Whirlpool, and start being a Maytag?
Why did 279 batteries all corrode and blow their casings open-in the closed cabinet?
Why have all the window seals fail on 6year old windows?

My turn to decorate their home in the same fashion as they did mine- chaos.