Building Patchwork Brains to Study Neurological Disease


“We think of this strategy as a completely new platform for neurobiologists to study every aspect of the brain,” Alt said, “from basic knowledge of which genes control brain development to potentially finding new gene therapies for brain cancers and psychiatric disorders.”


here is another hybrid genetic creature in the news. it’s dangerous, it’s a bad idea, noone else aspires to create cheap junk like Monsanto. everyone else is hoping for something luxurious.


The same-sex parent mice are not hybrids, they are 100% mouse.

Neither of these studies involves Monsanto.


i think it is already evolving correctly. crispr is a dangerous sundial.


Chimera are interesting, I wouldnt be surpised in 100 or so years if there are people walking aorund with some genetics from other species.


so you can be the first one, congratulations. I’d hate to steal your idea from you, after all it is your invention.


I dunno what your jabbering on about.


you’re not your


… why are you scared of genetic engineering


how did stem cells turn out?


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Awesome news for schizophrenics!!!

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Many people have a dream of becoming same sex parents, both lesbians and homosexuals!
And this dream may just come true one day!