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I had a nap,then fish sticks for dinner


breaks the news with a tiny hammer

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Yummmmmmm :yum:


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at lest you get to eat


Were the fish sticks good?

I got a taste in my mouth thinking of em’ and they’re flimsy, tasteless! bleh

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Us kids always knew when my mom was mad at my dad, because she served fish sticks for dinner-he hated them.


This is a like worthy thread if there ever was one

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I had a bowl of cereal. come thursday I am going to make jambalaya for us. that’s really funny @Csummers I miss you on here. don’t be a stranger.?


I actually love fish sticks.

So don’t assume stuff via text…

Love them to with Ketchup

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Kayne west also loves fishdicks…probably without the ketchup though…


Oh wait can we make fun of him anymore?..

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I was going to make a joke about slowly dipping a fish stick inside a dip of tartar sauce, and then slowly smearing the sauce, of that stick, over my mouth while repetively-

you guys get the idea…

I liked Kanye West when I was a kid. but I stopped listening to his music along with most of the lyrical music of the world.

when I was a kid, I was always scared to eat anything with fish because of bones. I never ate fish patties at school. I still wouldn’t trust fish products today, even if it was from McDonalds. fish products are… fishy…

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I make fish tacos out of them! Corn tortillas, cabbage, chipotle-mayo and a little cheese=yummy! :yum:

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