Brain shutting down - what is this called?

I just had this happen to me, I was having a nice little pleasant conversation with my inner voice (not audible voices) and all of a sudden my brain stopped. It was like I couldn’t think at all, of anything, I couldn’t find words, I was just blank.

What is this called and does anyone here have this happen to them? It lasted for about two minutes and then I was able to think again. Is this just regular thought blocking? Normally that only happens to me when I’m talking to someone and/or hearing voices.

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Yeah, it called thought block and it’s a sign of relapse one doctor told me.

That’s not good then. I had really bad paranoia the other day and now this… I really hope it’s not relapse because I’ve only been on this medicine for two months and it’s really been working for me. If I relapse they’ll make me take Clozaril!!! I do NOT want that to happen!!!

I’d tell your doctor about this just to be on the safe side. Especially if it happens again.

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Happens to me, as well. I’m usually able to get my train of thought back, but it’s like there are blips that can last for a few seconds to a couple minutes, where I just lose everything that was at the front of my mind. It hasn’t been a sign of relapse for me personally, it has turned out to be something that will just happen from time to time. It’s definitely good to tell your doctor if it’s a new thing, though. An important thing to monitor. I’ve gotten pretty good at working with it, like even if it happens mid-conversation I know the little nuances to give to get the other person to pick up and keep talking, buy me time, so it comes across as like. “Yada yada yad- and well, you know…” and then they go right back into talking haha.


@Turnip is back! (HUG)

@Sooner88 I get this too. It’s really frustrating. You and I are very similar I feel. We both take 12mg invega, we both get thought blocking, and we’re both living under the threat of clozapine (and neither of us want that to happen).

I hope you don’t relapse. My psychiatrist says I’m either having a blip at the moment or I’m about to relapse. I really don’t want to relapse, it’s really important to me to keep my head above water and keep my job.


Sometimes I slow way down when I’m trying to explain something, and then what I’m going to say morphs into gibberish for just a minute or two. It’s like I’m on standby. But so far I always get words back. It feels the same as when I can’t think of a name, but I can’t think of any word.

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That happens to me way too often to be a sign of relapse.

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Do you have Schizophrenia or do you have Schizoaffective? I have Schizoaffective… No one has said Clozaril is next but I’ve already tried Haldol, Seroquel, Risperdal, Latuda, and now Invega so I think that would be the next step. Very scary with all the side effects it has.

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I have schizophrenia.

I’ve tried saphris, zyprexa, abilify, latuda and I’ve always been on invega. Oh and I’ve just started taking seroquel.

I know, my psychiatrist said I have to have an eeg or some test for my heart before starting clozapine and then weekly blood tests as well. I don’t want to take it.

The only meds I will willingly be compliant with are invega and seroquel. Seroquel makes me really sleepy and I get the munchies from it, but no other bad side effects. Invega I barely get any side effects. I’ve put on about ten kilos on it but that’s nothing compared to the weight some people put on on AP’s.

I’ve gained a similar amount of weight from Invega. I don’t know why, I really have been careful about what I eat.

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Yes same as me, I’m eating very healthy foods but I still gained weight.