Boring tried to sleep but sleeping is boring

cant find anything interesting to do, everything looks boring, and i am tired iafter work.not so much but dont want to work anymore today, even that is video game or a book, no

how r u schizophrenia planet ?


Yep there’s those days where nothing is interesting lol. I’m good. Studying for my exam…I’m almost done w my class

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I’m bored too. I very rarely get bored because my brain is so active. But today my brain is a huge slug and won’t work. I’m thinking of cleaning up in my bedroom and getting some laundry ready for my husband to do. Or maybe I’ll just go back to bed and sleep all day and wish today never happened. I feel sad and stressed. I wish I could go back to not having any feelings, it was so much easier then. It seems like ever since my pdoc started me on a mood stabilizer I’ve been overly emotional. I’m not comfortable with it at all. I prefer my robot self I think.

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