Book of Mormon

Going to see this has anyone seen it

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I’ve seen the musical in London. Funny, especially if you have some background.

I can imagine. I haven’t seen it.

Ive been told it’s quite rude, how rude though? what kind of content

It has some sexual content. Personally, I didn’t find it disturbing. It’s not like going to a drag show.

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I got some £100 tickets for £40 it better be good lol

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Nope. Ex-commed LDS church member. Don’t need any mo of that shizzle in my life.

Does this mean you wont stay at a Marriott hotel?

I’ve, er, left pecker tracks in several back in the day. All kinds of fun to be had with the CSI UV light and spray kit, I’m sure. (“Hey honey, be a shame to waste this double bed…”)



I want to see this. I hope to get £40 tickets too!

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