Blinking Less than Normal

Dr. E. Fuller Torrey suggested that schizophrenics blink less often than normal people. I sometimes note my blinking. Why am I blinking? I usually blink again to make sure I have blinked in the first place and then try to give myself a reason for having blinked. Then I blink a third time because now I have a reason for blinking. Then I blink unconsciously, purposelessly. It’s a foolish game. All because of Dr. Torrey. I really do blink much less than normals. Blinking is for the purpose of wetting the eyeballs.

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Idk if we do but being consciously aware of it will make u do it like an itch wanting to be scratched

Me, I am the opposite when I am at my worst. It was written in my file from the hospital that I blink a bit too much. I guess I was quite anxious and agitated…