Bio30 Propolis an Alternative to FRAX486 aka a Pak 1 inhibitor

There was recently an article floating around about FRAX486, a Pak 1 inhibitor, reversing schizophrenia in mice. Which claims to stop the pruning process and even restore some damaged neurons. Knowing this I began to read up on the subject and stumbled on bio30 Propolis which is also a Pak 1 inhibitor but is available to buy online. Has anyone tried it? It sounds promising so I’m going to order a bottle and test it on myself.

Here is the link to the site that sells Bio30 Propolis.


Anyways Update us…after using it…??:pray:

I’ll start posting as soon as I can

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Keep us posted BlueFlame, you’d be one step ahead of the research frontline if you managed to self-heal using Bio30 Propolis or whatever. Good luck!


DO NOT try these pills if you are allergic to bees!

what’s this?.. and Pak 1? what is that?

Yes i posted about this product in the news section a few days ago, It could be helpful :slight_smile:

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Interesting. I wonder if it works.

I was the one who put the two and two together, but I wouldn’t be overly optimistic. As always, caution about taking too much and there’s also no info on any known drug interactions easily accessible online. Bottom line: Consult someone in the know before taking this

Mice… the percentage of any drugs that work on mice that then go on to work in humans is very, very tiny - I’m sure way under 1%. Save your money until the research is proven in mammals.

Plus - there is a big issue in “mouse models of schizophrenia” (basically the issue is that mice don’t get schizophrenia - so researchers try to make mice have schizophrenia - and nobody really believes that they have a very good way to do this, and its impossible to prove that the mice do have the same thing as schizophrenia.

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