Binge-eating and Abilify

I used to be very thin, but about the same time I started taking Abilify aroud 5 years ago, my appetite skyrocketed and begun to eat 5 big meals a day. It lasted for a few years and I gained over 20 kg. After that, my appetite has begun to decreased a little, and now I eat 3 normal meals a day but I still binge eat often, about 6-8 times a month.

I try to lose weight, and I exercises 3-4 times a week and have lost 5 kg so far. But I just can’t lose more weight because even if I lost a few kg, I gain the lost weight or more back as soon as I binge eat.

I don’t know if it’s due to Abilify because my doctor said no. So I haven’t brought this up for years. I don’t think he will listen.

But I can’t think of any other reasons why I gained so much weight for such a short period. When I was on other meds, I used to eat as much as I want and not doing any exercise, staying home all day, but I was still very thin.

So I would like to go back to old meds I used to take… If I try them for a few months and if I still binge eat, then I’ll go back to Abilify and if I stop, then I’ll stick to it…
It won’t harm anything, right?

I don’t want to stay overweight any longer. My current eating style isn’t healthy either. I want to eat more healthfully and stay fit cos I don’t want to develop any physical problems in the future.

My next appointment is on 15th. I’ll try to tell my doctor everything I have on my mind.

Most people on this site say that Abilify is weight neutral, but different med’s can affect people differently, so maybe the Abilify has made you gain weight. When I was on Abilify I actually got an increase in physical strength. You might ask the doctor if you can try a different med, but there is no telling how that will affect you. Being overweight is a serious health condition, so you have a right to be wary of med’s that might make you gain weight.


Try taking a b-complex. That stopped appetite problems on abilify for me. Just taking it once a week seems to do the trick.

Abilify made me gain weight