Biggest worry

whats your biggest worry?

hi, my biggest worry right now is a thing called - ocular gyro crisis :frowning: and the name really scares me as well, my eyes are always strained and i really worry that i might lose control of them :frowning: i’m not sure what it means but it can be a side effect of my medication.

the second thing i am worried about is my teeth, i need to go to the dentist :frowning:

That sounds like my reaction to Olanzapine. I ended up at the ER before lunch time but I was able to return later in the night.I’ve never heared of it before. It was really scary. I was dizzy, vomited, shaked, flushing of my face, had a very high pulse but low blood pressure, I couldn’t have my eyes open because the world was spinning and my eyes didn’t want to look straight. I stopped Olanzapine at once, had 20 mg for two or three weeks.

My biggest fear is that I’ll get another major psychosis and end up in hospital again. I fear that I’ll lose my job if I do and my husband says he doesn’t know if he can handle another psychosis like that. I ran away from home, left my kids and husband, just like that. Then I ended up in hospital for 6 months. I wasn’t home for a year.

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Hi, daydreamer, I am very sorry that you have a ocular gyro crisis. It sounds really scary. I am worried as I take the same med with yours. Keep me posted on this issue please.


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That is sort of where I’m at in life as well. I’ve finally had some consistently good days. I have a job that works for me, I have life stabilized for a while. I have more at stake. I am so afraid of losing it all again. I never want to be homeless again.

Has your doctor been able to maybe help out with this?

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Hi daydreamer,
ocular gyro or oculogyric crisis seems to be when your eyes roll, usually upward. Probably the same thing that happens if someone faints. I read that there does not seem to be any permanent damage if this happens. I hope I helped.


hi greenlife, i dont think i have got it yet but i worry about getting it :frowning:

i thought it was when your eyes rolled about in your head in different directions and you had no control of them, i have seen this in cartoons before and i have seen it in disabled people on the telly, its frightening,

but if its just when your eyes roll back then that isnt too bad, thats not what i’ve got,

i have just been telling my p/doc about it today and he said we can talk about how it has been next visit.

i lost my new shades i got tho which is a bummer cost £70 :frowning:

I don’t want to cause any worry, but I did some looking up in the websites and it says that the eye spazems are a few minutes long and can also have a stress trigger as well as med trigger. So at least this isn’t something that will damage the eye and at least the trigger isn’t something permanent.

I bet this can be a bit frightening if it did happen. But mostly it passes quickly according to the sources I’ve been looking up. But I still like to get a pro’s second opinion to any website information. But so far it looks highly annoying but not eye damaging.

I worry about how I am going to survive for the next few decades with my mental and physical health problems. I also have this fear that someday they will stop giving people like us a disability check and I’ll be on the street.

it sucks, my mum has a genetic eye disease and i was worried for a time that it might be hereditary and i could have it as well but now i have realized its probably med related or also psychological and stress,

i have always had a problem with my eyes, for a time there it was very good but now i am worried bc it is affecting me a lot more now, its hard to even go on the computer just now and typing/reading its really ■■■■ tbh :frowning:

they wouldnt stop supporting us as that would be inhumane, we are some of the most vulnerable people in the community and we deserve all the help that we get and they cant take that away from us, we have got a genuiine disability and its nothing to be ashamed of.

as far as age is concerned well nobody knows whats going to happen from minute to minute let alone day to day or year to year, just try and stay positive, stay out of hospital and have as good a life as you can, i think thats the best we can do.

My biggest worry as well is that I’m going to end up in a hospital again since they stopped my meds until next month. And this is right around holidays which is the worst time to be hospitalized.

Thanks daydreamer, I like hearing stuff like that, it calms my overly worried brain.

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i really do not worry about anything .
take care


of going backwards instead of forwards. I didn’t have a mild case of sz as do some of us here, unfortunately, it was quite quite bad. I don’t want to go back to that state–ever.