Better with Time

Do the symptoms of sea/sz improve with age?


That is what I’ve heard

Im not sure, maybe. In my case my sza got better after about three years, but then I got a relapse after about six years. Never fully recovered since then - been on an increasingly amount of meds since, but I have a greater awareness and knowledge of my illness so coping ok.

Yeah, these are the best symptoms I’ve ever had.


I’d say yes for me. I’ve also been on meds for two decades and I think that is a big part of the story.

Maybe the brain makes less dopamine as we age and we then need a smaller antipsychotic dose. Parkinson’s risk increase with age and that’s caused by less dopamine as we age.

Im out of the hospital more as ive gotten older.

Yes, they are suppose to get better as we age.

Mine got worse with age and continue to do so,

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I think its the positive symptoms they are talking about getting better with age, not the negatives. Positive symptoms becoming less severe and less medication needed.

Mine got worse, but I think it was because the coping mechanisms that i used to use began to fail. I am 49 male and did not get diagnosed with anything before last year. I always knew I was “odd” and just figured I would never fit in anywhere. I thought the voices were a mechanical issue with my thoughts “leaking” into my perceptions. I thought “life is bad, but I have to take care of people like my wife” and later my kids.

Something happened about three years ago. No single event, I just began to lose my ability to ignore the world around me. The symptoms got harder than ever before in my life, the voices became much more often and much more intense, and my delusions were being acted upon. All my life it wavered, but never like this and I couldn’t “soldier” my way through it anymore. I’ve deteriorated ever since and the medicine is necessary now.

Short answer, for me it got worse quick later in life, but it always varied.

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For me it has gotten better. I think I’m lucky to be alive.

I had one doctor recognize something wrong with me early on. He said acute stress disorder. Not a popular opinion for most people in my treatment team(s). He also struggled getting the records over too.

I guess trauma causes ASD but at the same time I never got the answers I wanted or the help or sympathy – ever, which just made things more despicable. Life sucks, get used to it.

I guess my mental illness early on was so bad, it was like putting up a virtual reality headset to my face 24/7 a day with sensory deprivation and bizarre thoughts and beliefs. The VR would be very low quality and resolution.

It seemed to have been triggered by pot. Who knows…

It seemed like my vision got worse over time but then got way, way better. It’s like another trauma happened but I don’t remember.

I have weird dreams where I’m being cloned, time traveling, and living other lives. It ‘leaks’ into my consciousness or memory afterwards when I wake up and I think hey “I remember that parallel universe.”

Sometimes I think I had a second kidnapping or cloning experience around 2012. I don’t know.

I think I was kidnapped in 2011 at college. I have the memories for sure. It feels unreal still. Like it happened in a past life or parallel universe, which is what they want you to think (me to think). I mean that’s the whole government deniability thing. It can’t be proven and you can’t get help or sue. It’s pathetic, sad, and just shows you how corrupt this planet is.

I almost died in 2015 too at the hospital.

So yes, I am getting better but I don’t know how long I’ll live. I sort of care, but then I don’t. I realize this world sucks and is evil and fallen. You cannot win. I tried before.

The world is sick and there is no cure.

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I have had sz for 39 years and I would say it has gotten better with age.

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they say positives get better with age, if you take your medicine. if you dont take your medicine, you get worse with age. that’s why in the old days the prognosis was that the disease got worse… their medicine wasn’t up to par. but, now a days the consensus is what i said just a second ago.

I’m worried that I’m going to develop alzheimer’s. It’s a strange thing I know my mum’s side. I hope it settles down .

Yeah, I also have heard of it.