Best antipsychotic for cognitive function?


Any thoughts ? Found this study: [1]


The Effects of Clozapine, Risperidone, and Olanzapine on Cognitive Function in Schizophrenia

These studies provide (1) strong evidence that clozapine Improves attention and-verbal-fluency and (2) moderate evidence that clozapine improves some types of executive function. However, results of
the effects of clozapine on working memory and secondary verbal and spatial memory were inconclusive.
Risperidone has relatively consistent positive effects on working memory, executive functioning, and attention, whereas improvement in verbal learning and memory was inconsistent Preliminary evidence presented here suggests that olanzapine improves verbal learning and memory, verbal fluency, and executive function, but not attention, working memory, or visual learning and memory.


You can find studies that say almost anything. I would actually say Seroquel is good for cognitive function, when you’re on it just by itself, and I recall reading something to that effect in a study a long time ago.


The only improvement in cognitive function in my opinion would be snapping someone out of psychosis/delusion.


Probably Latuda or Vraylar imo.


Yeah i sorta class antipsyhotics into two groups heavy and light. Heavy would be olanzapine, resperidone, some others i cant think of. And light ones would be like geodone, abilify, latuda. Although the lighter ones have more mood stabilizing profiles. For me ive always had cognitive improvement from the heavy class but severe weight gain. And the light class has really affected my mood although keeping symptoms away. Weight gain was less severe. I best respond to oldschool antips. And with all of them my cognitive functions has always been a stable constant.


The best for me was the Invega depot. I can’t take it anymore because I can’t afford it now that I’m off Medicaid.


oh look what i found, quetiapine is better than risperidone on working memory.