Ben afleck is cool?

Used to think he was lame during Armageddon. Now I think he’s cool :sunglasses:

Gone girl was my favorite movie the past year

Sorry random

Lots of people get better with time

Can you believe I haven’t seen gone girl? what’s wrong with me?!
i will see it.

Ben afflek is average in the looks department, I think he was married with kids and cheated with nanny. I will see more of his movies, he got a lot of awards. I admire his cousin /brother or something don’t remember his name. what was it?! matt damon!!!

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have you seen 'the adjustment bureau?

Nope but I’ve seen Pearl Harbor and good will hunting :slightly_smiling_face:

i don’t like people who ’ cheat ’ on their wives…or vise versa. :woman:
i like matt damon …in bourne identity… :boom:
take care :alien:

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yeah I loved good will hunting a lot. I will watch it again. you should absolutely see the adjustment bureau. SEE IT :yum:

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Watch his performance as Daredevil. Guaranteed you’ll never take him seriously ever again.



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Ben Affleck cant be lame because of good will hunting.

That was Ethan Hawke. He cheated his wife, Uma Thurman with their nanny and now is married with her.
Ben Affleck is a good guy. Too good, if you ask me.

I’m sorry, but I don’t count movies without excessive violence, bad dialogue, or car chases.

Standards, they’re important.



Night crawler was cool for @pixel


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