Be very careful when switching meds!

I basically completely lost my mind, became Delusional and very Paranoid and was sent to the Psych Hospital in August and then in October Involuntarily.

It was a very traumatic experience for me.
Family members, the docs in the Hospital, my Psychiatrist and therapist all told me that I was playing around with my Risperidone dose.

I woke up this morning and realized that it wasn’t because I was messing with my doses necessarily.

This past June my psychiatrist placed me on a very low dose of a new med - Vraylar.
I couldn’t tolerate the stimulating side effects so I decided that I didn’t need to be on any medication any more.

I am pretty sure that sometime in July I stopped taking all MEDS.
But to be honest I don’t think that the Vraylar was working for me to begin with.

By the time August arrived I became totally Nuts and my Hospitalizations began.

Now I’m kind of scared to try any new meds.


I’m having a moment of awareness/insight right now… Been that way all morning… I have been right on that line for a few weeks now, since I started decreasing Invega and started a baby dose of Abilify. I took my LAST dose of Invega last night and now I’m only on 5mg of Abilify. If I get much worse I could easily end up in the hospital. Very worried about that.

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When will you increase your Abilify dose @Sooner88?

5mg is a very low dose.

I took my LAST dose of Invega last night and now I’m only on 5mg of Abilify.

Your doctor should be disqualified really. I’d get ready for a hospital visit.

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I see my psychiatrist on the 29th. I checked and she doesn’t have any earlier appointments.

I just realized this.
@Sooner88 your so called psychiatrist should not have stopped your Invega and kept you on a sub therapeutic dose of Abilify.

Yeah you might end up in the Hospital.

You might have to go the Emergency Room to get your meds straightened out before it’s too late.

I would find another psychiatrist if I were you.

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My psychiatrist didn’t do that, it was the doctor covering for her while she was on vacation in India. So my doctor didn’t do that and she never would.

Get in touch with your doctor immediately
I would

I just left a message with her nurse asking for 10mg of Abilify but who knows?

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Yeah good going.
I would keep calling until you reach her.
Make sure to let them know how you are feeling.
Good luck @Sooner88

@Wave I’m kind of going through a similar situation right now. The pdoc has me on 80mg of Latuda and 10mg Saphris. I think I was supposed to have gone off the Saphris by now but I missed my last appointment so things didn’t change. I’ve gotten worse and suicidal since starting the Latuda in November.

I’m still taking some of my meds but not all. My goal everyday is to just stay out of the hospital. I’m scared to try anymore new meds too. At this point, at my next appointment on Tuesday, all I’m willing to take from here on in is a mood stabilizer (if he will refill it) and an antidepressant. My script for Lamictal ran out about 2 weeks ago, I’ve tried to call the pdoc multiple times and so has the pharmacy. They are not returning my calls anymore. I guess I called too many times about the bad side effects of Latuda. I am still taking the Latuda in the hopes that it will suddenly start working but after a month and half I think its pretty pointless since I’ve only gotten more depressed since taking it. I’m pretty dead set against taking another AP. I think they’ve caused more harm than good.

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Hey @Skims
At this point I would try not to miss any more psychiatrist appointments.

Also to avoid going to the Hospital I would stay on the exact doses of both meds - not messing with the meds.

Can you make an early appointment with your doctor?

If you are off some or all of your meds I would seriously consider going to the ER.

Getting Hospitalized Involuntarily is a traumatic experience.

@Wave thanks for the advice. I keep arguing with myself about the next appointment. I know I should go but am very resistant. Thinking about asking my bf to take me to make sure I go. If he does come I’m not sure if I should let him come in with me. I haven’t told him about being suicidal and I don’t think he knows exactly how bad it is right now.

Have you ever refused a med the pdoc wants you to be on? They can’t make you take it can they if you don’t want to, right?

Right, you can refuse to take certain meds.
Especially if side effects are interfering with daily functioning.

I would talk it over with your psychiatrist.

Good luck with Everything @Skims! :slightly_smiling_face:

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My situation was caused by a lame ass doctor who never even saw me or evaluated me. I went in to see the nurse and asked to have Abilify added to reduce my prolactin levels, because the Invega had elevated my prolactin levels and that was causing some bad side effects. The nurse called the doctor who was filling in for my doctor while she was on vacation, but instead of adding a small dose of Abilify (I read up on it, that’s a legit way to lower prolactin if you’re taking Invega or Risperdal), this woman took me OFF of the Invega altogether (gradually) and now has me taking only 5mg of Abilify… This was NOT what I asked for.

Thank God I’m taking Lithium and Neurontin right now otherwise I guarantee all this stress would have me in a hypomanic episode or severe depression, one of the two. But as it is, I can’t make the voices stop. I use my regular coping mechanisms and they help somewhat but the voices are so bad, especially at night, and I may or may not be delusional (people on this forum say I am but I think they’re wrong).

I feel ■■■■■■■ terrible!!!

I can identify with this. When one of my pdocs switched me from clozapine to risperdal I got very sick and had to go to hospital. That was in 2005 just before my remission.

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