Back-up plan

I promised myself to spend the next 2 years studying programming.

if my mom kicks me out, then I thought it was game over.

but if I hold onto the necessities (my laptop and 2 books,) then I might be able to continue my studies.
the issues are internet and power.

but I can get internet from public libraries.

and i could stay a hotel night, to charge my laptop.

so now i’m not too worried anymore, if my mom kicks me out.

Coffee shops like Starbucks at here offer free Wi-Fi and customers can plug their laptop to power socket as well.

It’s good to have a backup plan, but also try to get along with your mom so you have a safe place to stay.

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Couldn’t you rent a room or something?

I don’t know.
but living with mom is cheaper than any rent I’ve seen.
also a stranger would have less empathy and more legality than my mom, in terms of kicking me out;
so even if I find a place, I can get kicked out a lot easier than I would if I had continued living with mom.

Idk if you get ssdi but can you apply for section 8/living?

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a lot has been happening.
think I need to take a break from the forums and just stop and think.

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I am also beginning to study programming. I am trying to take some community college classes in the subject starting this summer. To give myself some structure. I’d be happy to talk with you more about programming, since maybe we are in a similar place. Trying to find a rented room with people who are sympathetic about mental illness would be better and less expensive than staying in a hotel every night. I know easier said than done, but it is possible. Good luck to you.

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I wouldn’t need to charge my laptop every day though, especially if I have more than one battery.

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But you need somewhere to sleep…

I’m hoping for a homeless shelter.

some shelters have a curfew. so I might not be able to stay at a hotel for a whole night. shelters house people temporarily, but my goal is temporary too.

I would have no other choice, in regards to living arrangements. I’m not too savvy when it comes to social things.

I see. I don’t know what your financial resources are like or the area you live in. A lot would depend on those factors. Sometimes you can find inexpensive single room occupancy units, but those are getting rarer. I hope you find a situation that works for you… you know yrself best…

If you are renting, dont disclose your illness.

You must be loaded if you can afford to stay at a hotel

Best to get along with your Mom and stay put.

well I’m probably going to visit a hotel once a week, just to charge my batteries.
so I wouldn’t have to worry much about costs.
I’m hoping to mostly just chill at a homeless shelter.

but yes, this is a last-resort back-up plan because I really want to continue my studies, no matter what.
about a year ago, I promised to spend at most 3 years studying programming.

start a small business saleing yard art. get a bigger garden .

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once I learn programming, I’ll be able to use technology to sell my Fly Pockets

If you have to leave your moms house, stay at a homeless shelter at night. You will not be able to charge your batteries there and most places boot you out during the day. Instead of spending money on a hotel, go to a coffee shop with wifi to charge your batteries. Or a library.

Also, be very careful with a laptop if youre staying at a shelter. Dont disclose to others you have one.

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