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I find that I perform best on it, despite some breakthrough symptoms, which I tolerate…it is the best option available at this time.

I still give the drug a good review, it has an incredible side effect profile which permits full functioning…however it just isnt as powerful as most other antipsychotic medications, hence the tolerable level of breakthrough symptoms.

That’s pretty much how I feel about Geodon. I’m glad it’s working for you.

I took geodon for ages…it sort of doesnt put me to sleep, so it has to go.

Hi Mortimermouse,

How do you feel your energy levels are on Rexulti? I know you’re already a high functioning person that works out alot but do you think it works better than Abilify for energy?

I have a preworkout called Dust Extreme don’t know if you heard of it, it has DMAA in it :P, I tried taking it but it didn’t give a boost or anything, I didn’t really feel it. I feel Abilify dulls out stimulants for me.

I would not take preworkout stuff. Unless you absolutely need to lift 500lbs six times…for credibility…

Abilify is unrefined Rexulti. Literally it is just abilify 2.0, they refined it and called it Rexulti.

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So i’m guessing its probably not worth it to switch over.

Yeah, I used to hit the gym alot before i was medicated. I used to take C4, which I felt worked at the time but then again I wasn’t on medication. It might of even boosted my mania.

I would try Rexulti, it is very favorable when it comes to side effects and sedation- it makes it so I can sleep, doesnt force me and doesnt keep me from sleeping.

And yes, C4 is a piece of ■■■■, it does exacerbate mania…preworkout should be illegal. I mean Krav Maga is illegal in France lol

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Cool, i’ll mention it to my pdoc.

@mortimermouse, what is anxiety and restlessness like on rexulti for you? Those are my big complaints about abilify.

(Oh that and raised blood sugar that I now have to take metformin for)

The anxiety and restlessness are improved by drug…it aimed to be a better abilify.

Now I would say it is almost side-effect free. I just cannot live with serious side effects, so I am taking it again. It works pretty well for symptoms, just doesnt quite knock them out. The dosing is easy- 2-4mg. The med successfully meets the profile of negligible side effects…it just lacks as strong of a main effect. My needs for hours of functioning are quite strong, so I really have no choice but a med with very little side effects.

I would think you would catch on that it doesnt really have serious side effects by now…after me using that word like 20 times in the previous paragraph…I guess side effects are on my mind…lol

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I thought it was pretty potent, more than abilify. And abilify has similar effectiveness to risperidone so rexulti should be a potent antipsychotic…

Potent just means less milligrams for an effect…the overall effect is not what that means…risperdal is much more sedating

I get breakthrough symptoms from Rexulti but I am on another medication at the same time, Seroquel. From what I’ve read Rexulti is more similar to other antipsychotics than Abilify, so its side effect profile is a bit more similar to a risperidone for example. Rexulti is more likely to elevate prolactin at higher doses, I’ve noticed my sex drive is a bit less on 3mg Rexulti am 400mg Seroquel pm. Hopefully these side effects don’t develop into a serious issue.

Rexulti is not like most antipsychotics, and it is not known for causing prolactin problems very much. It has a mechanism of action that medicinal chemistry doesn’t even understand completely.

As for prolactin, the FDA said very little at all about that being an issue.

It’s the seroquel causing the sexual stuff.

Its possible that the sexual stuff is just a placebo effect, I’ve been on 3mg for over a month and 2mg for the greater part of a year. Its actually nice to have my libido calm down a bit, I usually have an excessive sex drive.

Rexulti is actually really similar to abilify, if you look at their chemical structure they are almost as similar as clozapine and olanzapine.

Rexulti has less d2 activity and is supposed to be a bit more similar to other atypicals than abilify.

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Can anyone tell me when rexulti is available in the UK? Thanks