Back to counting calories

Gained the weight I lost, two kilos, and now I’m back to counting calories.

I tried a dress I wore last year and it didn’t fit. :sob:

My goal is that by next summer it fits again.


Oh me too. Are you on my fitness pal? add me!!


I just started counting calories today. Need to loose the weight by christmas! around 15-20 pounds in total.

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I tried some of my blouses on saturday and I barely fit in them.

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Alright, I added you :slight_smile:

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I have found that counting calories won’t work. I have this simple method, I try not to buy new and larger jeans, and when I gain weight, my old jeans becomes uncomfortable and this is a signal to lose weight, f.ex. eating less. Yes, I wear old clothes :smile:

You will lose the weight again. Don’t give up!


I don’t fit anything, anymore. :disappointed:
I know how you feel.

Oh, and my MFP username is @pleasedontfeedthemonster if anyone wants to add me.

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I’m currently on a cut too after gaining a little weight, dieting feels like torture the first few days after that it’s easy.


I’m down to 165 from 175 since quittin drugs n alcohol. I think it was the munchies more than the alcohol that made me gain so much weight.

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I wouldn’t get carried away counting calories. Experience has taught me that isn’t the best indicator of how much weight you gain or lose. One time I was in a mental hospital, and I gained 60 lbs in 120 days. That’s a half a pound a day. In order to gain that much weight from calories alone I would have needed a calorie excess of 1,750 calories a day. They did not feed us that well in that mental hospital. I’ve talked with other people who have had similar experiences. Also, how much fluid you have in your system can have a surprisingly strong effect on your weight. You can gain or lose surprising amounts of weight by manipulating the fluids in your system. In high school wrestling we used to bundle up in sweat suits and turn the heat on full blast and have practice in that. We were able to lose surprising amounts of weight by sweating out the fluids in our system. But there were times when I lost a lot of weight and I didn’t lose that many fluids and couldn’t have had the necessary calorie deficit to do that. I have no idea how I lost that weight then.

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I was losing weight by counting calories, it was working, and then I stopped. Silly me :slight_smile:

I’m back now though.

Yes. Do what is best for you. I am far from a professional dietician.

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@sleepybug what is fitness pal? xxx

I need to go back back to counting calories but just can’t be bothered. I have been going out running a sticking to sugar free drinks so I’m hoping thats enough to lose the 30 pounds I need to lose.

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I lost 50 lbs a bit to much, never counted anything, just ate less and had more fluids. everyone has to find what works for them.

1 Like is a calorie counting website or app for your phone