Back in my day, you couldn't have a problem

Songs like “Carry On.” didn’t exist or if they did, they weren’t heard. Society really has come a long way.

Hmm but you where around 20ish in the free love era??!! Probably the most opened minded era of all our generations.

In some ways, I’m very proud of my era. A lot of it is about the fact that so many men stood up against the Vietnam War. That fact changed life in the US for the better.

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Did just about everywhere. The age to vote now is just about 18 everywhere due to the war protests. Many are considered as adults and given rights instead of having to be 21.

Aftermath is still going strong though. Dad was a Vietnam vet and the effects of that will affect my family for about 6 more generations. All (or close to) the first generation children of the Vietnam Vets are being diagnosed with SZ, BP or depression. I could go on but sure you read the papers Cancer/ birth defects etc. A war that should of never happened imho.

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