Autistic-Like Traits in Adult Patients with Mood Disorders and Schizophrenia

These findings suggest the importance of evaluating autistic-like traits/symptoms underlying adult-onset psychiatric disorders for the best-suited treatment. Further studies with a prospective design and larger samples are needed.


As someone who has gone through 40+ years of psychiatric problems with unrecognised, and therefore undiagnosed, aspergic /nvld traits that have negatively impacted on my functioning I think the call to evaluate such symptoms/traits is vitally important.
It could well mean the difference between bad/inadequate care and treatment and adequate/good care and treatment.
Several people here have reported having autistic symptoms and traits.

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I think that I suffer from some Autistic traits, it’s pretty common with bipolar disorder

I am sure I have a bit of autistic traits. Good article

I myself don’t have autism, but I do have the thing when I look at something for a short period of time I feel like a sleepy ghoust or something

I always score high on autism tests.