Association of a Reproducible Epigenetic Risk Profile for Schizophrenia With Brain Methylation and Function

This is a very large study. The thing that struck me as most interesting about it was that healthy controls with a schizophrenia-like polymethylation also had altered connectivity.

I don’t really know what to make of this, except to say that methylation is an epigenetic factor and changeable. Lots of things change DNA methylation including lifestyle factors like smoking and exersize, and medications and supplements can alter methylation as well.

It is interesting that a segment of the healthy controls were able to, well, be healthy controls, with both a schizophrenia-like DNA methylation score, and similar alterations to the DLPFC connectivity. Sometimes I read this stuff and it seems like schizophrenia must be so very deep rooted in development and largely unalterable after the fact, and other times there’s papers like this, where people manage to be normal in spite of these changes that makes me think perhaps it isn’t so deep rooted after all. If only they can figure out what makes the healthy controls healthy in spite of it …