As a mentally ill person, do you prioritize well?

Because it’s a real struggle for me. Anything out or the routine or off schedule, I struggle with the very sensible reasons for the deviation and have to work hard to remain calm. In other words, I blow my stack.


I’m getting to be like that now.

Some people just call it a lazy mind…

Ya, me too O Matriarch! I’ve been that way my whole life. I lead a very routine-oriented life, and deviation from that makes me twitch. Can relate.

I don’t think it’s a lazy mind. Just a symptom of the disease. We’re not good with the unexpected i think.

My autistic niece is like that. She visits here at my parents house every weekend. And she does everything on schedule. Friday shower at 7pm on the nose for example.


The mind balks at the unexpected instead of finding ways to deal with it.


I don’t think I have a strict routine, but there’s very little difference in my life from one day to the next.

Right. Are we shy of making waves?

Speaking personally;to some degree, yes.

That’s sort of understandable since the MI are known for doing ridiculous things while psychotic.

It is hard to know when to do something and how much to do. On the plus side, can often do things did not think I could.

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I have to deal with something unexpected which I just found out about today, and I’m worrying a lot about it.

I have roughly the same schedule every day, and deviating from it makes me very anxious. Especially my sleep schedule. I hate having to stay up late. But yes, I think lack of prioritizing skills is a symptom of sz

Extremely well. Better than most NTs.

i need good routine too… i follow my routine strictly.

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I am exactly the same ! since I had sz a few years ago, now it’s difficult to do or organize anything out of my routine (which is getting up at midday and stroll with my mom on the afternoon)
last weekend I had to find a restaurant which accept booking, I was so pissed and anxious. some restaurant did not accep booking and that got me more anxious. whereas it is just about phoning, it is not supposed to trigger anxiety.
well, good luck with managing your anxiety, know you’re not alone !

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