Arguments and their uses

anybody have some tips on how to argue something with someone greatly and mostly good. Instead of eager and with bad intentions?

Calm down and use logic. If the person is a reasonable person you can discuss your points calmly and see each other’s point of view. And find a solution that benefits both of you.

Or you can go Rambo on the guy and destroy him.

Ah so you are telling me that reason and logic is the way to go?

I agree with @77nick77

I’ll see if it comes up in my first search results for as what are arguments good for.

Hear the person out.
Keep resolution intent in mind.
Not attacking intent.

Why do you ask? Are you thinking there might be an argument soon?

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HA! Some where I read that more reason and less logic is best.

They kind of go hand in hand, don’t
they? They’re kind of the same thing, or at least related.

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