Are you beating the sides of your head?

Someone idealized people with an oval shaped head but I don’t agree. I think they look beat like they’re still trying to get through the birth canal.

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No, society does it for me.


I have on occasion. It’s usually only when the voices are really loud and saying things I don’t want to hear.

Personally I have a more square head. Ovals are "oval"rated ehehe

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My photographer once said my head was like Brigitte Bardot I am not sure if it is a good thing =(

maybe she meant like this :joy: with flat hair thou

We do get that “under pressure” feeling don’t we.

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Hell yeah, everybody is so darn sensitive and unnecessarily intuitive. They are too tuned into everything so you can’t blink an eyelid without pissing someone off and starting World War III. No one gives you room to breath.
End of rant.

Or is it just the beginning…???

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