Are we responsible for accidents?

What if the result is destruction?

If the accident you cause could have been avoided by you, then you are responsible. If there’s damages, you are liable.

If you crash a car by accident, you are still held accountable.

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I observe some of the legal cases. I think the law says you are responsible even if it was due to a stroke of bad luck. I myself don’t think this is fair.
Perhaps the way the world works you are the cause of things that you do or that happen to you. So really it’s not just bad luck.

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If you are negligent you can be held liable (assigned responsibility). If you don’t have the mental capacity to understand what you have done wrong then you are likely under the care of a third party. That party will be held liable in your place as they should not have let you get into trouble.

Szs are usually something called judgement proof meaning they have no assets and no income that can be garnished so monetary damages are impossible.

Guess who the lawyers are going after if you live with your parents?

No idea. I don’t know anything about law except for the judgement proof thing.

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