Are these sandals nice/ not nice?

I’m not sure if I like them or not…


In my opinion those are fugly but I’ve seen quite a lot of girls with them

Those are sandals? No, they are stilts.

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Depends on how much they cost. I’m not crazy about them, personally, but many of my favorite fashion purchases were things that repelled and attracted me at the same time when I first saw them. It might be the same for you. If you keep thinking about them and they don’t cost too much, why not?


I like them!
Our taste in clothes can be affected by our age etc, but if you like them, go for them!
I’m 18, just like you and I guess these kind of shoes or this kind of style is “modern” for our age.

It’s cool how our style changes depending on our age.
I like to paint my nails black and it’s funny because my older relatives like my grandma always say “you should clean your nails and stop digging in the flowerbeds!” And I just go “um, grandma, it’s nail varnish.” :joy:

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Hahaha my grandad often points out people our age because of what they’re wearing and says “What on Earth are they wearing?” and I just have to go along with him and pretend that I totally don’t have a similar item of clothing at home! :stuck_out_tongue:


That is a bonus for me. I am grateful for any extra height that I can get!!

I’m pretty sure I had a pair just like those in '98.


I love it :heart_eyes:
Just make sure they are comfortable and very light weight

I was about to say that I thought they were ugly and not to waste your money,

Then I realized that I also wore pretty much the same shoes all through middle school,

So, yeah, if you don’t mind the sure to be embarrassing pictures twenty years from now,

Go for it.

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They look like bondage shoes.
I’m not a fan.

Roman sandal meets horse hoof? :thinking:

All joking aside, it probably depends on what outfit you wear the sandals with in terms of whether they look nice or not.

Needs a gold fish in the bottom part. Something like these.


Can we see the rest of the picture? The bottom part looks promising. Can you pan up to the neck?