Are humans special or are we just basically advanced animals?


Ticks? Mosquitos?


I think ancient humans did have threats/predators in the wild. Maybe sabre tooth tigers or something during the last ice age.

And then bears and other wild cats etc

But we still came out on top as the apex predator. A tiger is no match for a group of intelligent apes wielding spears and blades.


I am pretty special I can tell you that much. I’m not special like Jeff Bezos special but I am two eggs, three strips of bacon, and toast type of special.



I am nothing more than a pile of receptors, piloting a suit of bone and flesh,

The consciousness of a single proton, electric zaps, and chemicals.




I used to think humans were advanced and in some ways we are…but now I tend to think of it moreso as different. We are different than most animals, but not more intelligent because we measure intelligence in human terms–we cant compare.

I can see the natural instincts of some mammals as a super-intelligence that I wish I had.

I see intelligence as adaptability: like an animal rescuer could be seen as genius because they can tame animals and adapt to that environment.

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I think we’re animals with an exceptional ability to communicate and innovative mind when it comes to invention. At least compared to other animals. I think aliens might see us as no different than ants in the animal kingdom. Probably still fascinating, I mean there are ant farm toys after all.


There is a lot about ancient human civilization that we still dont know/have lost over time. I have watched documentaries about the people that lived on Easter Island…sometimes I wonder if animals themselves were more intelligent in the past too…like in that movie Princess Mononoke


I like that movie.

I think in modern times people have become less adventurous and more complacent. About 300 years ago I think people would risk their lives more often doing things that have been refined in the last 50 years and are now safer and commonplace to us. As for ancient history, I still think today there are people with brilliant minds but before without our modern 9 to 5 work day society, they must have been more proficient at crafting things. I mean construction workers still make buildings pretty quick but before there were stone masons and some buildings can attest to their aptitude as some are still around. Modern day construction seems to need repairs more often. Of course modern constructions are usually more comfortable.

I had the chance to climb up the oldest pyramid in Mexico. It is a fond memory. There was a majestic feeling knowing thousands of years ago people walked there. The steps were really narrow. I think back then people were shorter and smaller on average. At least in the Americas.