Are hamburgers as popular outside the USA? 🍔


Is this a USA thing, this love affair with the hamburger? I ask because I know a lot of you are from different countries and I’m curious.


Still popular over here but we have big chains and not many smaller/boutique hamburger joints anymore. It’s a pity because a good burger is great! ( Australia ).


I think pretty popular in London yea. Just had one this eve actually. Prefer it to cheeseburger too.


I would imagine so, McDonald’s serves hamburgers world round, some modifications here and there, but they’re in most countries.

Although a good old fashion backyard grill hamburger is worlds apart from McDonald’s


Yep. Popular in England.


Its very popular here in Norway as well. But kebab that came with immigration from asian countries are probably equally popular. I love burgers but dont like kebab.


There are a few hamburger places in Tijuana apart from Burger King and McDonald’s. I don’t think they’re nearly as popular as in the U.S. but surprisingly, hot dog stands aren’t uncommon. I like hamburgers.


Hamburgers are pretty popular here.
My sister was a chef at a great hamburger place called Mauritz until a week ago when she quit.
Their hamburgers are to die for, especially the blue cheese one drools

… I should add I live in Denmark


Yummy. Well said @Ooorgle

A well balanced, seasoned backyard burger is the best. You wrap some onions in some foil and cook them on the side too.


Popular in Canada. As a matter of fact I had one today. :hamburger:


Yes it is


That’s cool that so many people like them, I’ve always loved them, specifically Bacon Cheddar burgers. I thought I’d list the burger-based fast food chains I’ve seen:

McDonald’s, Burger King, Checker’s, Hardee’s, Five Guys, Boardwalk Fries, The Habit, BGR, In and Out, SmashBurger, Jack in the Box, Wendy’s, Fuddrucker’s, Red Robin and Roy Roger’s.

Out of all of those I think I prefer Five Guys and Fuddrucker’s but they are all good!


We are planning a trip next Friday so Fatburger is on our list.


The only places selling hamburgers in my town are 2 kebab joints. We’re not talking gourmet burgers.


It’s popular in South Korea as a to-go meal for students. It’s less popular to older generations but my mother/father absolutely love it.


Burgers very popular in France with the globalization fashion. Our traditional jambon-beurre-fromage sandwiches are challenged by foreign fast foods.


South Africans just love their burgers and chips(fries).


Burgers are up there with sushi, pizzas and kebabs as the most popular fast foods here.


I love blue cheese burgers! They are amazing.