Approvals ๐Ÿ“œ

I was right now thinking I am just waiting someone to approve my plans and actions like I need a validation.

Without knowing. If I had a character of my own, I could have done anything and everything I could have come accross.

I feel like I am a slave or a follower but not free.

Even though I am free physically but not mentally.

Present is all I have of my own! Even time will slowdown if I value my present :gift: time !

Awe life is so beautiful :face_holding_back_tears: even when I do nothing with it.

" The purpose of life is so simple, itโ€™s to find your meaning in it " ~Jerry, from the movie Soul.

Whatโ€™s my meaning ? If you ask.

Experience everything ! which is impossible !

I still feel we all are one, in portions of life :dna:

Where we all sing in the universal frequency.

I had mentioned this about 2 years back.

Now when a mystic says it all are :jigsaw: puzzled.

I am gonna stop taking approvals of my thoughts.

โ€œFree willโ€ with present time allotted, I will experience life.

I love this life !

Itโ€™s filled with surprise.

I just learnt my sz is caused by self by myself, no external factors.

With meds help I will fix myself .

My mind is like troubled waters needs to settle down.
And then open the sail :sailboat:. So I can travel :luggage: far reaches of my mind capacity.

I can write :writing_hand: on and on , for approval.

Hey! Life is one ! I want to Experience it :wink:

โ€˜Do you waitโ€™ for approvals. ?

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